Nizar Qabbani Poems 

ديوان : Nizar Qabbani Poems

قصائد الديوان عدد المشاهدات
A Brief Love Letter2848
A Damascene Moon1032
A Lesson In Drawing1732
A Letter From A Stupid Woman2120
Beirut, The Mistress Of The World634
Between Us657
Bread, Hashish And Moon582
Clarification To My Poetry1039
Damascus, What Are You Doing To Me520
Damascus, What Are You Doing To Me2561
Every Time I Kiss You 578
Five Letters To My Mother515
Fragments From Notes On The Book Of Defeat475
I Am With Terrorism483
I Conquer The World With Words478
I Have No Power496
In The Summer474
Letter From Under The Sea558
Light Is More Important Than The Lantern545
Love Compared602
Maritime Poem563
My Angry Cat 580
My Lady584
My Love Do Not Ask Me622